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Welcome to IndyLander

From all over the world we came.
Moving silently to surpass the cornfields
Living to cross Interstate 465
Struggling to get to the downtown area.
When the few who came.
Enjoyed themselves to the last.
No one ever expected this.
Till now..

Indylander 2008

A Highlander convention
Oct 3rd-5th, 2008
in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Welcome to our website for the first ever Highlander convention held in the Midwest. Highlander conventions have been held all over the world. From Vancouver, To England, To Australia. A few have been held on the west coast of the U.S. in Los Angeles and it has been over 10 years since there was a convention held on the East coast of the U.S.

Many can remember the conventions that were held in Denver too that started this craze. But there was never one held in the midwest U.S. So this is a bit of a compromise. What started as just a simple joke of where people would like to have a convention has actually turned out to be a reality now. After much talk and alot of planning. We are pleased to annouce and hold this convention in the midwest.

Had you asked the organizer 10 years ago if they ever thought they would be doing this. They would have thought you were crazy! But the fun times they have had throughout the years, and the incredible friendships they have made with many many people from all over the world has been worth it.

This now is a way to give back a bit and to help others create memories they can enjoy themselves for many many years. It may even bring new friends together. Or it could even bring back old ones who have lost touch.

We know other groups have held them for years. We are not trying to take anything away from them. We heard they were not going to hold one for a while and were tired. So while they take a chance to recharge themselves this seemed like the perfect opportunity to test the waters for something new. And with all this in mind and alot less hair on our heads from planning. We proudly duck any swords and are pleased to bring you Indylander!!

- The Indylander Staff.

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