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Welcome to IndyLander

From all over the world we came.
Moving silently to surpass the cornfields
Living to cross Interstate 465
Struggling to get to the downtown area.
When the few who came.
Enjoyed themselves to the last.
No one ever expected this.
Till now..

Indylander 2008 was a complete success!

A big thank you goes out to everyone who attended our event and those who worked to make it was it was! Despite all the un-imaginable odds that we went through. The event happened and everyone who came enjoyed themselves. Those who didn't just miss out on alot of fun and what people are calling the best Highlander event ever! We will be putting pictures up before long. Thanks everyone! - Indylander Staff

So who knows what can happen in the future. Will it be the last Indylander? Who knows... But never say never.. -wink-

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