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IndyLander Webcast

Indylander will be holding a live WebCast from the event itself. This is for people around the world that can't make it to the event.

Why should they have to miss out on the fun entirely too? We understand some people would love to make it. But just aren't able too for many reasons. (Because of Money, Having to Work, Lack of time, Location, Special Needs, Being ripped off by other cons, or Limited Attendance.)

So to help with that we are making the event accessible to more than just those attending by doing this. The event is a private event.

The fee for viewing our cam is 25$ for the 3 day weekend. Unlimited Viewing. This will include a voice chat at times.

Want to see the event? You have a few things to do first.

The Rules for the WebCast are Simple.

1) Be Adults. Enjoy the chance to watch and listen. Don't ruin it for others. (Don't cause a problem in the chat itself or other places on the web. Websites, Message Boards, Groups.) If you are found to be causing a problem anywhere about it or about the event. You will be removed immediately or banned from applying. Don't like it. Then take your bitching elsewhere. There are people that can behave like adults that want to be drama free.

No refund will be given to anyone found to be causing trouble.

2) We will be monitoring things from the convention. As well as having a couple approved at home monitors watching things.

If you have a problem. You can talk to them online as we will most likely be busy. And they will have a way to get in touch with us at the convention for any technical problems that may come up.

You understand that circumstance may arise where the chat may go down for a while. Things can happen but every effort will be made to get it back as fast as possible.

3) You understand that you will not be added to the webcast list until you pay. The fee is 25$. This is good for the entire weekend. It may or may not include the Concert and or M&G.

Once signed up. You agree that you will not pass out the information to other people. Doing so will be seen as causing trouble. You will not be added to the list till you submit the form below and pay. (So why would they be allowed?) It will be private as the event itself is a private event.

4) You understand that you will not record the event in any form, Re-transmit it or distribute it as well. You understand you may face prosecution if later found to have done so in any form. And you give up all legal rights in the situation. You fully agree to pay the amount of 150,000$ to us for doing so.(That is to keep you from doing it.) You agree this stands as a legal binding contract on your part and will stand if you violate the rules to which you have agreed.

5) You agree Indylander and its staff are not responsible for anything happening as a result of you viewing and participating in the Webcast.

6) Have fun and Enjoy it.

You must submit the registration to us below. We will reply with an email. If you have any questions or problems. They can be sent to us at

Email Address:
Yahoo Name:
I understand there is a fee of 25$. Which is good for the entire 3-day weekend. And that I will not be added till I pay. Yes
I agree to all the rules for the WebCast. Yes
I do understand that the Concert or the Meet and Greet are special events. Which may or may not be included for veiwing. Yes
Payment - 25$
Enter Paypal Account Address

The Information will be submitted to us in an email to which we will reply to you.

Thanks - The Indylander Staff