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IndyLander 2008 Registration Form

First and Last Name:
Name / Nickname you wish to appear on Badge
City, State Postal Code
Province (where applicable)
Email (this is required as a response email will be sent with payment information and instructions)
Boards/Groups you frequent or are apart of:
Extra Classes ($35 US limited spacing) Yes, Sign Me Up!
No Thanks
Saturday Night Event ($50 US) Yes, Sign Me Up!
No Thanks
Saturday Night Event Extra Seating
Meet & Greet (limited to 125 people $50 US) Yes
No Thanks
T-Shirt ($25 US ea.) and Size:
I understand that there will be a 5$ General processing fee added to the total Yes I understand
No I do not understand
I have read through the Rules as well as the Info&Faqs pages. (Yes) I agree to abide by them. (You must agree or registration will not be processed, All cost/fees are in US dollars) Yes I agree and understand all rules and FAQ
No, please email me with more information

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