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IndyLander 2008 Rules

General Rules

We reserve the right to remove anyone breaking these rules or behaving in a disruptive
manner throughout the event.

No refund will be given to anyone who has been removed for breaking the rules or causing a disruption during the con.

We expect everyone to behave like adults. This is not a hard concept.

We consider the convention hotel to Holyground so that means there is no need for fighting. No one will violate this law. It is Con Tradition.

We also reserve the right to reject any registration or person we feel is only out to cause a problem. Especially if said person is only coming there to cause disruptive behavior for the con or any of the con staff.

If it is later found out you are registered and planning to cause any type of trouble at our event. Your registration may be terminated. You will receive notice of this along with your payment returned to you.

Reporting any perceived or noted type of this behavior to us is greatly appreciated too.
We have to think of everyone involved and things of that sort will not be tolerated at all by us.

It is however entirely our decision on everything involved and what we feel best for the situation.

There will be onsite security attending the event as well. Not just for your safety but the Guest of Honor as well.

You may want to visit the Information page for answers to some other questions.

Any questions, concerns, complaints about anythings can be sent to our email. Anything you think the staff really needs to know can be sent to us by email as well. That email address is

The Con Staff.