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Information and FAQ

Payments Questions on payment may be sent to

Rules about Registration. All questions and comments may be sent to



Indylander will refund registrations if the entire event is canceled. (But not if one or more of invited guest have to cancel because of professional committments.)

And other Cancellations must be made and received no later than 4 weeks before the convention.



Convention registrations may be transferred to another person with proper notification. The same information name, address, etc. must be provided or the transfer will not be allowed.

Exception:*** The Friday night "Meet & Greet" is NOT transferable. If you have paid for this portion, it will be refunded to you if it is within the perameters set forth above.

There is a waiting list of persons wishing to attend this event. We intend to go down the list, according to when they signed up, and your ticket will be sold to the next person on the waiting list. No exceptions!

Any Registration that is transferred to another person, they hereby acknowledge that they agree to any and all rules of this convention. You must notify us with the proper things as stated above.

Registration Pick-up will take place at the Hotel on Thursday starting at 8 pm and from 8am on Friday and Saturday. You will need some form of photo ID for registration.


Your Identification

You will be issued a registration badge with your registration number and name/nickname on it. You must wear this at all times throughout the convention and it must be in a visible location above the waist.


Daily Admission Tickets

Yes we do have a limited amount of Daily tickets available. They are subject to availability You must register for these tickets too.

At the moment there will be no door registrations as we are a private event and not open to the public.

You can add the extras to the Daily tickets. But they must be for the day you attend. The only exception is the Sat night concert.

Autographs for Daily Ticket holders are subject to availability and anyone with Daily tickets will be at the end of any line. If you have any questions feel free to email us.



Photos may be taken for the first 5 minutes of any session with the flash. This repeats when a new guest comes onto stage. After the first 5 minutes photos may still be taken but the flash must be turned off. Photos will not be allowed during the concert. We will also have a few official photographers. Be sure to smile for them as well.


As the event will be recorded by us no other video taping of any of the event will be allowed. Anyone found to be recording will be promptly escorted from the event.

We know new cameras allow for digital recording. Anyone found to be recording in this manner will be promptly removed and their camera taken from them. They will be asked to remove their media for inspection by the Con staff. It will be deleted and returned. They may return to the Convention without their recording device, which shall be returned to them when session is over. You will only be warned once. After that, you may be asked to leave the Convention and will be unable to attend any other event. There will be NO refunds if you are asked to leave because of failure to abide by the rules.

We will be watching for this throughout the con. DVD's of the event will be made available after proper approval from all those involved.


Sunday Auction

Sunday we will be holding an auction. Portions of the monies raised will be donated to a charity or charities of our choosing.

There will be all sorts of items up for bidding. These will include all sorts of unique items. From props, mugs, shirts and different items used throughout the weekend event. You may even get the chance to bid on getting your picture taken with the guest of honors.

Arrangements for payments will be made after the auction.

This event is usually something that should not be missed. The hilarious hi jinks that go on are well worth the entire weekend just for this event.

We will not be responsible for anyone passing out from laughing so hard. We will also do our best to keep everyone safe. We will not be responsible for any unforeseen accidents.



We will guarantee ONE autograph from each of the main guests for the first 150 people who have registered. (Available at the time set for autographs.)

**Note: After the first 150, others may be taken in line with their registration number or if time is available. Advance Seating Comes First, Then General Seating. Then any Daily Seats. A second autograph time on Sunday will try to be set up for the rest and pending which guest are available then to do them.

There will be items of all sorts available for purchase in the dealers room. Each Guest will sign only one item of your choosing. (It must be appropriate.)

You can have your con booklet signed if you do not wish to purchase anything. You may also bring your own items to be autographed.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------

Dealers Room

You will have the opportunity to purchase items from the dealers room. Which there will be several table from various groups and clubs attending.

If you wish to have space reserved for your group. Please let us know ahead of time.

Any other dealers wishing to set up. Please contact us at to make arrangements and for prices. or



No weapons of any kind will be permitted. If you have a sword you wish to have autographed. Please let us know before hand. (It will be used for your one autograph item.) You may have each guest sign, but you must wait in line, for each guest. Before and after the autograph session it must be kept in your room. If you are staying at another hotel to save you time it can be left with the Con staff and then picked up later.



Normal casual wear is great throughout the con. Just keep it clean and tasteful. Use common sense please..

*As a note several do like to dress up a little more for the Sat night event.*


Clubs and Groups

Highlander has many clubs and groups. We welcome all types of groups. As long as you behave in the appropriate manner and follow the Convention Rules.

Are you are part of a group of club that is attending? If you are going to do something special for your group. (Wear badges, T-shirts, ect) Feel free to let us know. This way we will know where to direct people asking questions who might be attempting to find your group or table.



As a rule and with time constrains. Gifts may be given to the con staff to be passed over to the Guest.

They must be appropriate gifts. Nothing lewd, obscene, or totally ridiculous will be given.

Note: Remember the guest will be traveling as well and may not be able to get something home too. Shipping can be arranged if needed but may be at your expense.



Children will be charged at the full price. Please bear in mind that the there may be some adult language used that might not be appropriate for children.



Volunteers are welcome. Several will be needed. If you are interested in helping as a volunteer, please contact us at or for a quicker response.


New Con Goer?

Have you never been to a convention? Afraid to go alone? Don't let that stop you! There are usually several who have never gone to one before. Feel free to contact us as there is usually a group of new con goers who we help with organizing and make feel like just one of the rest. email us at if you are a new person attending


Saturday Night Event - Cost Extra

Saturday night there will be an event. At the moment it is undecided what it will entirely be. We will be exploring our options in the coming months. You may purchase tickets to this event without a full registration. (This is appropriate for wives who bring their husbands, or vice versa. Or perhaps a friend coming in only for the one night.) They must register their name with us the same as any other ticket holder.

There will be an open cash bar available too. As stated above several tend to dress up for this event, but it is not required. Just have fun! (We do not mean total formal dress either)


Friday Night - Meet and Greet - Cost Extra

Friday night there will be a "Meet & Greet" with all the available guest of honor attending. It is limited to the first 125 people to register. A waiting list will be started for this event.

This will be a round table style "Meet & Greet" between those at the table and the guest of honors who will switch tables after so long.

No autographs are allowed. It's your "up close and personal" time.Your chance to say "Hi" and have a chat with the Guests of Honor..



Many were curious about transportation to the hotel from the airport .

The hotel itself doesn't have a shuttle service. However there is a shuttle service to the downtown area. This runs about 7$ and is called the Greenline. You can check for more information at the website for it. Click Here for Greenline Website The drop off locations are all around the hotel and within about a block of walking distance. The hotel itself is about 15 minutes from the airport.


Con Hotel Rate

Yes there is a hotel con rate available. Please check here for it. Feel free to join the indylander yahoo group to stay up to date on the latest information.