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IndyLander 2008

Oct 3rd-5th , 2008

So your wanting to know about the host?

Matthew MacLeod

The person in charge of Indylander and your most reliable source of information concerning anything is the one and only. Immortal Bad Boy himself... Matthew MacLeod

Matthew has been involved in the Highlander world for well over 15 years. He started in many of the clubs when he was still in High School when the TV series was still on the air. He was a member of the Gathering in 1994. The gathering was the first Official Highlander Fan Club. Where he achieved Immortal Status within the group and still has the certificate on his wall to this day. Iím pretty sure he still carries that membership card in his wallet today.

The first convention Matthew attended was Syndi-Con 1997 in Baltimore. Where he participated in several events and first met all the stars of the show. Matthew was even in the Costume Contest on stage. He could even be seen dancing the night away with all the ladies at the concert. A MacLeod to the core it seems.

Matthew has also been a longtime APFC member. Where he joined them shortly after they began. He continued till the actual club was shut down and everything transformed into online groups. But he still like he always did before the transfer is posting on the new message board.

He was very much into Role Playing and could be found typing away to the wee morning hours in several Highlander chat rooms. Role Playing with fellow Highlander fans while writing fan fiction and more. He can role play one heck of a sword fight.

Matthew has pretty much grown up in the Highlander Fandom where he has made countless lifelong friends. His love for Highlander is hard to match for anyone. He has commonly been referred to as the World Biggest Highlander Fan. As he even has Highlander written across his car. (Which most are surprised is not a 64 Thunderbird.) Iím also sure it is somewhere on his Motorcycle now too or soon will be. (His motorcycle that resembles the one used on the show.)

In 1998, Matthew began running just one of his own Highlander websites. It was the Watcher Chronicles Website. Which many fans have used for years for quick references and general reference to Immortals. There are not many sources of the kind of Information he has posted there for years. His knowledge of Highlander is very vast. He even was one of the very few people who had the entire Highlander Cartoon long before the DVD that just came out were released.

Wandering many forums over the years is where you might find him popping up on occasions. From Rysher, to Holyground , APFC and many other official and non official sites. In 1999 he was one of only a handful to actually ever gain "Elite" status on one Highlander Website. He was even spotlighted twice in the Peace Newsletters. You never know when or where he will be around. But he usually surprises everyone when he does pop up.

In 2001, Matthew himself got into acting. A friend of his was going to college for film making and directing. His friend decided to make a Mid-evil Short film. He immediately contacted Matthew as someone to ask about swords. Matthew was happy to help out and even began choreographing the fights with all the actors. One of the secondary lead actors had to quit and Matthew was immediately switched into the position because he knew the routine.

This event sparked Matthewís love for acting. In 2003 he finished his first Highlander Fan Film. Which Matthew had called this film Highlander The Amateur. The story was based on his Writing Character of Matthew MacLeod, which he created in 1994. Using one of his stories he had wrote while Role Playing many years prior. They story came to life. He has made his own Trilogy of Highlander Fan Films. These films were over an hour each. I myself canít wait for the 4th, which I heard is rumored to be happening. Maybe you should ask him about it at Indylander?

Matthew is far from an amateur now. He has since gone onto much bigger and larger movie projects. Even in Hollywood and several other large feature films. He even landed a small-featured role on Ghost Whisperer by chance. He was an Umpire in the baseball feature film The Final Season.

Something Matthew earned because of his past history of professional baseball. Thatís right. Matthew was a former baseball player and had several pro teams asking him to try-out camps but a torn arm muscle cut short a lot of it.

But Matthew found his nitch in acting and has made it a go. He has turned it into a career a lot would be jealous of because of all he has accomplished. Just knowing he was on the set of the new Batman The Dark Knight made a few of his friends totally jealous. He even has his own agent these days for his acting. That is not something to balk at.

Iíd have to say most people especially took notice of Matthew in the Highlander World in 2004. He won the contest to attend the HL Walkabout Workshop in Los Angeles. If this wasnít enough Matthew was hand picked by Adrian Paul himself and brought on stage to sword fight. There is not a fan in attendance at the event that does not remember this moment.

Keep in mind this was a sword fight that was on stage, against F Braun McAsh. Needless to say it was also choreographed by Adrian Paul, and watched very closely by everyone. Matthew handled the intense pressure like it was nothing. He was even sat down on stage by Peter Wingfield and handed the Microphone.

Matthew has continued to impress with everything he has done. He was in attendance at the last HL convention and was even a Volunteer for the weekend events. Iím sure people can remember his glowing tie that played music for the Crazy Tie event. He was also the one asked to write the HL quiz that was taken by everyone on Thursday night. Which everyone seemed to enjoy and even left some wondering why Matthew wasnít taking it. He knew all the answers, didnít need too, and didnít even give them out. Even while being bribed to. There is a sense of honor in that.

Now Matthew has started on his next big quest. This is to hold a Highlander convention. This was something that was talked about for years. But never became a reality till recently when things were looked at further. To Matthew this is something where he can give something back to the fans. If there are any doubts about what this guy can do and how this event will be. Iím sure all will be silenced on Sunday night after the event is over.

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