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IndyLander 2008 - Contest

Here is your chance for free tickets to Indylander!

Contest is Officially Over!

Thanks To Everyone Who Entered.

Yes we are serious! The staff decided that we are giving away free tickets into Indylander. To win all you have to do is fill out our form here. Then be able to come!

The winner will receive the following:

2 Free Admission Tickets
(These are Advance Seat Tickets. Valued at $250 US each)

You will also receive 2 Free Sat. Night Event Tickets.
(valued at $50 US. each).

Plus you also get 2 Tickets into the Meet and Greet on Friday!
(valued at 50$ each)

That is a value of $700 US. All for free!!

Note - (Your hotel and everything else is at your own expense.)

Contest is Over.
Thanks to everyone who entered.
A winner will be posted soon.

I have a question about this contest? Well perhaps we can answer that here in the rules.

What if I already am registered for Indylander and win these tickets? - Then we'll refund your registration fee to you!

Who can I bring with me? - You can bring anyone with you! Your neighbor, Your best friend. Your Husband, Your Wife. We don't mind! As long as they are not someone who has been banned or someone that is out to cause trouble. They also agree to the rules like you have.

How long will this contest go on for? - The ending date is July 1, 2008 at midnight Indiana time.

How will I be contacted? - You will be first contacted by the email you provided and then by an alternate contact if provided.

How many times can I enter? - Just once per person and per email. Duplicate names will be tossed out. Husband and Wives are ok to register.

What if I win them and can't make it? Can I give the tickets to someone else going? - No, I'm sorry. We will notify the winner letting them know they won the free tickets. They will have the option to accept the 2 tickets or decline them. We will give them time to decide before the winner is announced. If they can't make it. Then a new winner will be chosen and given the same option.

I have a friend that is already going too, Can they have my 2nd ticket if i am not using it? - No they are non transferable.


If for any reason you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
Feel free to Contact or Email us with them.