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IndyLander 2008 - Classes

Indylander will have the chance to offer three classes. These classes have been offered to be taught by the Guest of Honors that are in attendance. The classes are pending the Guest of Honors attendance overall. They are definately something not to miss. All classes do cost extra and are limited to space.

Two of the classes will be taught on Oct 3rd, Friday Morning starting at 9 AM and run till 12 Noon. For 3 hours before the opening.

Basic Knife Fighting Class - This class will be taught by F. Braun McAsh.
You will learn the basics to self defense using a knife. Learning several ways to disarm and protect yourself.

Acting Class - This Class will be taught by Stan Kirsch.
Actor, director, renowned acting teacher, and private coach in Los Angeles, Stan will cover the basics of film and television acting and their different genres. While providing an insight into the working actor's life and professional journey in Hollywood, he will also direct students through a multitude of current film and television scripts that he has plus will personally provide for the class.

This Class Below will be taught on Sunday Oct 5th after the closing of the con. Around 5pm.

Flying Fan Class - This Class will be taught by Elizabeth Gracen.
You will learn all the secrets to the Folding Fan. Elizabeth will also have for sale the fans you will use that you can purchase from her.

The overall cost for each class is 35$ U.S. As both classes are taught at the same time friday you can only register for one of those classes. Then you can register for the one on Sunday. Pending availability on all.