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IndyLander 2008 - Auctions Items

We will be having two types at the event. One will be a silent auction of items in the dealers room. The other will be done by the stars themselves on stage Sunday. This is usually an event not to miss. There is no telling what they will come up with to sell an item. We have all sorts of items and the only way to see them all is to be there.

Here is a free preview of a few items we will have.
Bidding is over with.

Original Highlander Movie Script The script is signed by the Original Highlander Himself Christopher Lambert. It has the original story of what Highlander was suppose to be. The script also comes with a COA to boot.

Gothic Bastard Sword This is the type of sword that was given to Richie Ryan/Stan Kirsch in the Fifth Season Episode. "The End of Innocence" It was the sword of Graham Ashe who taught Ramirez and passed on to Richie by Duncan. This sword will be signed by Stan Kirsch at Indylander. It also comes with an included Scabbard.

Joe's Bar Baseball Cap A baseball cap for the coolest bar in Seacouver. This hat is un-opened and fully adjustable on the back. A great item for any fan to show off your favorite spot.

Methuselah Stone Piece This is a genuine quartz crystal. It has a Sterling Silver pendant mount and comes with a simple 18 IN chain. Rebecca had broken up the Methuselah Stone and gave pieces to her Students including Amanda. They were reunited by Luther and lost again by Rogue Watchers after Methos needed them. Here is your chance to own a piece that is very similar. Which we are calling our Methuselah Stone.

Autographed Picture This is a single 8x10 picture autographed by Christopher Lambert himself. Christopher was Connor MacLeod the original Highlander. He played it in the first 4 movies and the first episode of the series. A must have for any highlander fan!

These are just a few items we have. We may put up a few more. But to catch everything you'll just have to be at the event itself!